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A Caboodler Gets Google Certified

By admin 10 March 2017 Media
A Caboodler Gets Google Certified

Yorkshire based digital marketing agency, The Whole Caboodle (TWC), have expanded their knowledge in a pretty spectacular way, landing themselves a sort after Google Certifications. With competition at an all-time high in the industry, the Media department have had successfully attained Google's equivalent of the ‘stamp of approval'. The Google AdWords Certification is a professionally recognised accreditation offered by Google, it is offered to and attained by individuals with the ability to demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Adwords. When you attain this certification it allows individuals to exhibit that they are recognised by Google as experts in online advertising.

The major benefit of getting certified is being able to provide clients assurance of your expertise, as Tushar Lad, TWC's Media Partner, puts it "[it] shows clients that you have the knowledge, that you are PPC experts with one of the most recognisable brand's seal of approval". And TWC has quite literally received the Google Partner badge which is now visible on their website.

The Whole Caboodle google partner badge

Google undeniably has the most expansive knowledge and recognition for rankings and advertising, they are THE digital advertising gurus. Charlotte Broadley, TWC's Media Planner, started as an apprentice in mid-2015 and has already been awarded her Google Search Advertising Certification and Google Display Advertising Certification, two massive accolades to her abilities and also to TWC as a whole. The support and guidance Charlotte received on her Google Adwords journey is really symbolic of TWC's personality. Always striving for more and wanting to be the best they can be.

The importance of Google Analytics and Google Adwords has grown tremendously in recent years, and online marketing needs one or both if they hope to excel in the search engine rankings, Google's tweaked algorithms make it close to impossible to keep up but they also provide these tool to try help companies do so. By attaining this Certification, TWC has gained more than just a demonstration of their expertise, competency and a Google Partner badge, they've also gained knowledge and access across Google. TWC are part of Google, they work with them and this partnership works. Being part of Google's team can only benefit you, by doing so you become part of search engine royalty and the knowledge, connections and leads are priceless. With such a great achievement under The Whole Caboodles belt, it'll be interesting to see what happens next.

Well done Tosh and Charlotte!