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OOH (Out of House) - Digital Show Case

By MichelleFallon 28 July 2015 Media
OOH (Out of House) - Digital Show Case

It is a known fact that technology has developed in leaps and bounds in the past 10 years and it carries on improving and creating the unexpected; but what does this mean for marketing?

The numerous ways that a company can now advertise their product is incredible, the main factor being the technology that is now available. A particular medium that has progressed impressively is outdoor advertising. All you have to do is visit any major cities in the world too really grasp how innovative and eye-catching outdoor marketing really is.

Below you can read about some of our favourite outdoor campaigns...

  • Walkers, Do Us A Flavour

In September 2014, Walkers launched their 'Do Us A Flavour' campaign. Walkers used three tweet-activated digital vending machines at bus shelters on Oxford Street in central London. Using augmented reality, Gary Lineker appears sitting inside the bus stop vending machines. On receipt of a tweet to @Walkers_busstop, Lineker responds by dispensing free packets of Walkers crisps. It was a global media first using twitter to activate a vending machine made out of a poster site. It created lots of excitement and engagement amongst people, as they were eager to get involved and receive a bag of crisps from a digital Gary Lineker.

  • Disney, Mickey Mouse's 83rd Birthday

In November 2011, Disney launched a campaign to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 83rd Birthday. Disney parks did this by celebrating at the Disney store in Times Square New York with an innovative augmented reality installation.

The 'celebrations' began on Saturday 19th November on Broadway and 45th Street where a 60-foot digital billboard was implemented and the grand visual began. Visitors had to step onto an orb and interact with Disney's favourite characters which were projected on the big screen; unlike other augmented reality events the character interactions were performed live meaning the Disney characters responded directly to how guests were moving as well as the crowd's reactions.

This was also to promote Disney's 'Let the memories begin' campaign in order to trigger happy memories linked to Disney in both the adults and children, which in turn was to create a wish to visit the Disney parks. The experiences at Times square were encouraged to be shared on social media using the hashtag #DisneyMemories so that Disney could track the success of the campaign.

  • Lynx, Lynx Apollo

Finally the last of our favourites is the Lynx campaign which was launched in January 2013, and this was to launch Lynx's new product 'Lynx Apollo'. It was a global campaign which ran across digital, PR, outdoor and TV which included a competition for four lucky winners from around the world, including one from the UK, to join Lynx SXC (Space Expedition Corporation) and travel into space.

This was seen to be one of the biggest and most ambitious launches in the brand's history. The idea behind the campaign was to make an ordinary guy the ultimate chick magnet hero and send him to space.

The outdoor aspect of this campaign (in the UK) was based in Westfield shopping centre, White City. This included a 1.5 tonne replica of the Lynx space shuttle in which the winner would travel into space; as well as a 40ft astronaut which was suspended in The Atrium. Shoppers got the chance to have their face superimposed onto the face of the 40ft astronaut as well as the 100 digital outdoor screens throughout the centre, they could do this using the interactive digital 6 sheets within the centre or by uploading their photo using social media.

This campaign had great consumer engagement and attracted over 30,000 interactions and 5,500 photo submissions also most importantly it increased the sale of Lynx Apollo by 19%!

So we have seen a glimpse of what’s already been done but what is in the pipeline for the future of outdoor marketing?

One of the biggest talking points currently is virtual reality. In case you don't know, this is the making of a computer simulated life which replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds. Virtual reality can recreate sensory experiences such as virtual taste, sight, smell, sound and touch.

Magic Leap is one of the newest developers to begin to create a virtual reality product, although this creation is still a bit of a mystery to us all...

So far, they have claimed that they have created 'cinematic reality' which is said to be more realistic than the virtual or augmented experience. You can see on their home page they have a 3D image of a little girl holding a puppy emerging from a child's open palm which is just a demonstration of what they wish to achieve. This will be the first virtual reality platform which is not reliant on its user being at home which is why it could be potentially ground-breaking for the future of outdoor advertising.

It would bring the brand to the consumer, making it more accessible and instead of only being able to view an advertisement, they would be able to use their other senses and literally get the 'feel' of a product.

Written by Charlotte Broadley