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Google's New Plan with the Keyword Tool

By MichelleFallon 06 October 2014 Media
Google's New Plan with the Keyword Tool

The Google AdWords tool that we've all come to know so well has recently received an upgrade. The result is the more sophisticated Keyword Planner, which has already been introduced here in the UK and is available to try out.

However, unlike the current Keyword Tool, users will need to be logged into their AdWords account to use it.

Designed to improve overall keyword research and analysis, the planner combines the functionality of the original Keyword Tool and Traffic Planner, for more accurate results and PPC calculations, as well as a more user friendly experience.

Divided up into different sections, it allows you to make clear how you are going to set up your plan from the start. You can choose to search for keyword and ad group ideas, enter or upload your own keyword list, or multiple lists, to get a better search estimate for both new and existing campaigns.

The ease of use is mainly down to the list of added extras, which allow you to search for keywords and create ad group ideas in a much more orderly, and simpler, fashion. The list of new features includes the ability to lay down much narrower search parameters according to language, location and search network for more accurate PPC estimates for each chosen keyword.

For the first time, you will also be able to multiply your keyword lists within the tool, by adding others to your search in order to generate a higher combination of terms, as well as target specific towns and regions in searches rather than just countries.

The "Your Plan" section then acts almost as a shopping cart, allowing you to add your individual or groups of keywords to get a bidding estimate.

So, what's our verdict? We think the tool does a good job of combining keyword and ad group research. Working more like an ad group builder, it allows for a smoother workflow and will help get PPC accounts off to a quick, flying start as well as give their effectiveness a boost.

Our Head of SEO Carly says:

"It's an end of an era for the keyword tool, albeit it's evolved quite a bit since the early days of using it for keyword research. The new keyword planner is obviously much more targeted towards setting up Adwords campaigns, but I like the fact you can create keyword plans and segment your keyword targeting (and research) much easier.