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Facebook Business Page Merging 2015

By admin 16 October 2015
Facebook Business Page Merging 2015

You may find yourself in a position where you have more than one Facebook page for your business, you may have thought to yourself we don’t need two, three or five different Facebook pages. It would be less work and more concise for our followers to only have one Facebook page that has everything we do in one place that they follow.

Do worry we have outlined the easy process that Facebook provide you to merge said pages. There are a few things to note first before you go ahead and merge these pages.

  • Merging pages will lose all content from the pages you have chosen to merge. The content will remain on the page you are keeping.
  • All your ‘LIKES’ from the pages you are merging will carry over onto to page you are keeping.
  • The merging process can take between 7 – 14 days depending on which process you have to go through.

Here is a step by step guide on how to merge your Business Facebook pages;

Step 1:

Go to one of the pages you want to merge. Click of the settings link in the top right corner of your page, just above the 'Promote' area.

Facebook settings button

Step 2:

As a default page the 'General' section is set open.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a title 'Merge Pages' section. Click the 'Merge Pages' section.

Facebook General Settings Merge

Step 3:

Once you have clicked 'Merge Pages' section it will open out as below. You will need to click 'Merge duplicate Pages' link, you will be taken to another page.

You may be asked to re-enter your password before you proceed.

Facebook Merge Button Confirm

Step 4:

This is the section where the process starts. You’re shown a page that shows you 2 drop downs, this is where you can only merge one page with another. If you are looking at merging multiple pages you will need to go here -> Merge Multiple Facebook Pages (don’t worry we show this process from step 6)

The top drop down you will need to choose the page you want to KEEP, the page you want the other Facebook page/pages to merge into. The second drop down is to choose the merging page, the page that will merge into your main page, the one you are NOT KEEPING.

Click 'Merge Pages' button, this should be the end of the process. That’s if your 2 pages have a similar title and page content. If not you will see a prompt the same as Step 5.

How To Merge 2 Facebook Business Pages

Step 5:

If your pages aren't similar in page content and page name you will receive this pop-up on your screen. Don't click ok, click the 'Contact Support' link, as this will take you to a different process to merge your pages. The process will take longer around 14 days.

Facebook Merge Pop-up

Step 6:

After clicking 'contact support' you are taken to this page. This is the same page as the one to merge multiple Facebook pages. It is a longer process as Facebook notes in bold in the middle of the page.

Tick the box to say you have ‘Read and understood the above information’.

Choose the page you want to KEEP, this is the page that you want all the other pages to merge into. Make sure once you have chosen your page in the drop don that you carefully read the information below the drop down area.

Make sure you tick the ‘acknowledge’ box that you understand that this will take 7 days and Facebook will notify your page Likes of the change to see if there is any objection. Please bear in mind that they say 7 days at this step but when you go to the next steps it actually turns out to be 14 days you will wait.

Now go to the section titled 'Pages you want to merge'. You can select up to 5 pages in this drop down sections, remember you can only merge pages you manage. Once you have chosen your pages you want to merge click 'Send'.

Facebook Request to Merge Multiple Pages

Step 7:

Once you have clicked ‘Send’ you will be taken to the 'Page Support' area of the Facebook page you are logged in as. In this section it will notify you of the 14 day waiting period and also give you some nice smile faces to give Facebook your satisfaction rating.

Facebook Support Area

Step 8:

Mark down the date you requested the page merge and keep checking back in the Page Support area to see if Facebook has messaged you to notify you that the merge is complete.  

And that’s all you need to do, it’s that simple. Now you don’t need to worry when merging Facebook Business pages that you will lose all your data we have tested this works for you and it does. Just be aware of the point above and everything will go fine.

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