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Ey up! TWC Are Leading The Way In Yorkshire Specific Trading

By admin 29 March 2018
Ey up! TWC Are Leading The Way In Yorkshire Specific Trading

The Whole Caboodle is proud to announce that they will be pioneering the way for a newfangled form of Yorkshire specific currency! Constructed especially to make Yorkshire business trading easier, quicker, more efficient and, most importantly, bloomin' cheaper!

The new currency follows the trend of the well-known Bitcoin platform with its own Yorkshire twist! It is aptly named 'Flat-Coin' with the Yorkshire sigil of the mighty flat cap!

So, if you're a Yorkshire business based in Yorkshire and believe in all things Yorkshire then, by 'eck, get on board! Get yourself a brew and a butty and get in touch! We'll guide you through the sign-up process and help build your very own 'Flat-Coin' account!

Tosh Lad, head of the Business Development in the Dales department has led the way in this groundbreaking approach to Yorkshire business and is keen to get the word out:

"Nowt worse than faffing about with ya brass! This means you can wang payment over right quick. Focusing on God's Own Country, no larking about with 'em Southerners! I'm well chuffed to get this idea out there. You can buy owt ya like wit' it!"

flat-coin-ad (1)

'Ow do!'  - Tosh celebrating with a tip of his flat cap!

Well, we're made up with this latest venture!