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Yet Another Amazing Automotive Website Build [By The Whole Caboodle]

By admin 12 January 2018
Yet Another Amazing Automotive Website Build [By The Whole Caboodle]

Based in the centre of Harrogate North Yorkshire, The Whole Caboodle has set its creative sights on a great business in the neighbouring small city of Ripon!

Most recently, TWC has been involved in the redesign and launch of Howards Motor Group website, a large car dealer franchise in the South West of England and an overhaul of GSM London's site, an educational institute in London. In both instances, we've successfully demonstrated our ability to create a modern, fresh and highly functional website perfect for the business respectively.

Howards Motor Group


GSM London

Responsive Home Page Design & Build

This time, we've honed in on our more local surroundings and have worked closely with Batchelors Motor Group, a car dealership dedicated to Suzuki and Mitsubishi located just 12 miles away. A family-owned business based in North Yorkshire, they were specifically looking for someone to work closely with on the launch of a new website that maintains the friendly but also the highly professional approach to business to which they adhere. That's where TWC comes in. A mid-sized agency offering a really personable and customised approach to business, no middlemen hindering communication with very much an ‘open door policy'. This unique character and ethos allowed the creative and digital team to come up with just the thing Batchelors were looking for, whilst simultaneously building and maintaining a great working relationship.

batchelors-ipad01 (1)

The new website launched at the beginning of 2018. Clean, uncluttered and dynamic. Three words to accurately describe the design, giving existing and new customers a highly accessible and easily navigated site. It successfully aims to answer any and all dealership queries whilst promoting key pages like new cars, used cars and offers. Energised, interactive and responsive, the new site aims to provide an easy and pleasurable experience for both desktop and mobile.

batchelors-mac01 (1)

Built using a bespoke Automotive Content Management System, the site is highly adaptable and is easily updated, ensuring that all content remains relevant! The incorporation of an array of features including drag-and-drop page building and Enquiry Management, as well as eBay parts store and E-commerce integration means we have used our own inspired design and tailored it to meet all the client needs.

As our Head of Digital, Sean Dyson put it:

"This is the latest iteration of our powerful automotive content management system and we have worked closely with Bachelors to tailor the system to their exact requirements. in addition to our design and development expertise in this sector, we believe it is our personal service which marks us out from our competitors."

Not only is the design specifically tailored to meet customer and client demands, it also meets the highest standards in security and compliance, a crucial element of web-design. It features GDPR compliant contact preferences and the whole site runs off an SSL certificate giving users the comforting protection of the URL bar secure padlock throughout.


Tony Denton is the Managing Director at Batchelors, he believes in an open and customer-focused approach to business. He knew what he wanted from his website and needed to find an agency that would make a concerted effort to match his approach:

"Here at Batchelors Motor Group we have a desire to embrace online retailing and I spoke to a number of providers, trying to find someone that understood what we wanted to achieve and could turn our ideas into a customer friendly and intuitive motor trade web solution. The Whole Caboodle has been able to translate my 'wish list' into reality. With features like our bespoke New Car Configurator and a valuation tool that interacts with our stock list. I am already discussing new features with Sean and it has been a pleasure to work with him on this exciting project."

TWC have found the perfect balance between simplicity and usability without losing the professional and family orientated ethos of their client. Something that only a boutique agency such as ourselves could offer!