Some interesting thoughts you might like to read

  • ginger_2

    You′re ginger so the price has just doubled

    People have ridiculous prejudices. Totally irrational beliefs about ginners, beards, tattoos or the French. You might not like it, but your customers are just as prejudiced about you and especially about the stuff you sell or the service you offer. You're the Evil Empire, just waiting to get one over on them.

    We understand your customers. And we’ll help them understand you.
  • I taught your friend

    I taught your girl friend that thing you like

    People will read just about anything when they see an intriguing headline. You, for instance, you’re reading this. And even though it’s quite obviously an ad, you’ll continue reading it. See, here you are still reading. But why are you still reading? Not because you find it particularly captivating, but because it’s here in the right place, at the right time. And you’re here. And you’re looking for an agency to inspire you.

    Ever heard of the Whole Caboodle ?
  • img-80

    Make sure your agency is profitable

    No, not because we want fancy holidays twice a year. You see your account competes with others in the agency. It competes to have the best minds working on it; the best planners; the best media negotiators; the best digital people; and of course the best copywriters. You see it pays you to ensure the agency is profitable.

    At The Whole Caboodle, we tell it like it is. There we’ve said it now so let’s move on.
  • whereisyourbackbone_2

    Where's your backbone?

    There are essentially three types of Ad Execs. Firstly is “the safe pair of hands”. They’re OK, but hardly going to inspire you. We don’t have the call for them. Then there’s the “neutralist”, who’s never quite sure from one day to the next of their role. That’s either because they’re too dumb to ask or too stupid to worry about it. Never employed them. Then there’s the third type. “The inspirational account exec”. We like them. They may never write an interesting line of copy in their life; they probably won’t agree with everything you say, but in their own way they make the difference on your account. We like them.

    At The Whole Caboodle, we like to challenge our clients to get the most from every brief.
  • sowhatisittobetheferrariorthevolvo_3

    So what’s it to be, the Ferrari or the Volvo?

    Interesting conundrum. The sleek Italian thoroughbred or the steady Swedish slab? The bright red car that’s bound to get you noticed and get you there quick. Or the steady estate that’s practical and safe? I know what I would choose. But it’s not about me, is it? It’s about your target audience, don’t ever forget your target audience.

    At The Whole Caboodle, we focus on your customers first.
  • stopshoutingnobodyislistening_2

    Stop shouting. Nobody's listening

    Your customers aren’t stupid. So don’t treat them like they are. Fancy advertising talk doesn’t impress them anymore. They’ve chucked your glossy brochure in the bin. They don’t like being bossed about either. So put the megaphone down. Nowadays, to grab their attention. You need to listen first, talk second, and never, ever shout.

    Here at The Whole Caboodle we know how to talk, so your customers listen.
  • The truth

    The truth about advertising

    The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you. That’s the first rule of advertising. The second is that you have to be bold and confident with your creative. One of the greatest dangers of advertising is not misleading people, it's boring them to death...that should be a rule, but sadly, it isn’t!

    We don’t do dull. We make outrageous ideas happen. Outrageous ideas that sell stuff.
  • All chocolate

    All chocolate mousse is the same

    It’s brown. It comes in pretty tubs. They look and taste the same. So they must be the same (OK I’ll give you organic) but come on they’re the same! But buying one brand over another says a little about you; exactly what depends on your point of view, but it does say something about you. Take your PR for instance. Coverage is great but who’s reading it? Is it engaging, targeted and working its butt off?

    At The Whole Caboodle, we work ours off so you won’t have to.