Reporting Portal

Prospect clients intelligently, see everything they have seen and with our unique quality scoring algorithm target in market customers. Plus use our leader board to motivate your sales teams and get even better results.

online event

This is the secret behind the success of our industry leading reporting portal that tracks all the activity of your event.

It allocates leads evenly to your sales execs, has a unique quality scoring system to identify hot leads, enables inteligent prospecting and best of all you team knows exactly what the customer has been interested in.

There's a league table, built in incentives, a full managment reporting suite that measures "buy-in" from your teams and all your data is returned cleansed after each event - what's not to like...? 

Put your team on the front foot.

online event
  • Make appointments easily with automatic diary entry
  • Receive enquiries and deal with all customer requests
  • Clear and transparent ROI
  • Identify “buy in” from your sales teams and identify training needs
  • Receive all data back cleansed
  • Automatically allocates leads to relevant sales person