Introducing Doodle Transfer

Be safe. Be secure. Be compliant.

Introducing Doodle Transfer

GDPR will impact our normal day to day business operations in a multitude of ways. At The Whole Caboodle we took a pragmatic view to GDPR and came up with a quick and easy way to send data between ourselves and our customers and remain GDPR compliant.

The question is how will you ensure your customer data is securely sent within your business or to third party suppliers? And at the same time keep a full detailed record of who is using your customer data?

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Thats where we come in

That’s where we come in!

Doodle Transfer is a simple file sharing tool that will encrypt data and send it to a colleague or a named individual at one of your suppliers. It uses bank level security encryption and allows you to evidence your GDPR compliance by keeping a full log of all transfers should a GDPR audit ever be required.

So, you can now transfer customer data, images and artwork as you wish, safe in the knowledge that your data transfer is securely managed and used by only the people you want to use it.

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Its quick and simple to use

  • It’s quick and simple to use.

    It records your activity and deletes all files once they have been downloaded.

    • • Secure data transfer between your business or a third party supplier

    • • Send confidential electronic documents securely to your colleagues - like accounts or prospect data

    • • Bank level encryption of all your data

    • • Full electronic log of all electronic data movements

    • • GDPR compliant

    • • You cannot rely on FTP, SFTP or email from May 25th 2018

    • So what does it cost?

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Prices start from

Doodle Transfer

Prices start from just £25 per month

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