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Did somebody say 'Ello'?

By admin 19 June 2014
Did somebody say 'Ello'?

With an abundance of social networks to choose from already the last thing we need is a spanner in the works. Ello you say and no, we are not saying hello in the typical cockney slang! Ello is the brand new social network thatNew social media website to grace our screens! has recently seen a huge amount of popularity, so much in fact that the owner had to shut it down simply to handle the 31,000 people an hour wanting to get involved. Now live again, we take a more in detail look at what exactly all the 'Ello' hype is about...

As many of us already know, the large disagreement with Facebook and their methods of gathering information and potentially selling that information on, has led people to looking for an alternative social networking platform.

So, what is Ello? Ello is an ad-free, invite-only, independent social network that granted, is still in beta testing mode. The unique feature that makes Ello more desirable to the casual every-day social networker is the fact it is 'Ad-free' and vows to not collect or sell the users' personal data. Paul Budnitz, the creator of Ello said: "We see Facebook as an advertising platform not a social network, users are products at Facebook. They want to know as much as possible to advertise to you."

Everything about this latest social network has been taken back to basics, a simple black and white design with a simple layout and even an unassuming name, Ello. The main aims of this network are being simple with effective mechanics behind it, a network that filters through the 'noise' and only connects the user with what they want to be connected with.

Another attraction to Ello is the ability to appeal to groups of people who experience a lot of online harassment. Ello itself has a zero tolerance hate policy. On the other hand Twitter and Facebook can't boast this benefit; there is the ability to report users for harassment however it is unlikely that the user will be removed.

Ello is currently an invitation only social network, this creates a more important/VIP feel to those who have been invited to create an account with the network. This also works hand in hand with the constantly growing popularity of Ello, the more of your friends who are being invited the more you want to join in and see what all the fuss is about.

Will it be successful in the long run? Time will tell, we have seen many social networks with similar morals fail in recent years. However, that doesn't mean to say Ello will too.

Check it out for yourself: https://ello.co/beta-public-profiles