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Over Half Of Google's Searches Occur On Mobile

By MichelleFallon 30 October 2015 SEO
Over Half Of Google's Searches Occur On Mobile

Google announced for the first time in May this year that their search engine was seeing a lot more activity on mobile than desktop. Originally, this was the case in the US, Japan and 8 other countries which weren't named, but Google have since confirmed that mobile is more commonly used more than desktop worldwide.

In some individual countries, it is still possible for desktop to be used more than mobile. Google however gathered the results by combining all searches from all countries and it was mobile searches that came out on top form.

It should still be noted that these results don’t mean that desktop searches have disappeared completely, as desktop stats from Search Engine Land’s comScore show that the overall amount of searches has increased month on month. Instead of mobile stealing searches from desktop, mobile have simply caught up and they have been a growing segment which has now overtaken desktop searches overall.

What is the main factor that has caused this?

Over the years desktop search has rapidly grown, but recently as a percentage it has dropped ever so slightly. This is because we now live in a world where mobiles are always in easy reach, making searching on Google more accessible whereas before to make a desktop search enquiry you would have to find the nearest computer or laptop to make a search.

Mobile stats vs desktop users global  

Graph sourced from here.

Amit Singhal also announced that Google has now indexed 100 billion links within apps. This means that when you are within Google's search results on your phone and you have a certain app installed which Google is familiar with, then it will refer you from the results to the app version of the Web Page.

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Image credits; d8nn / Shutterstock.com