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Halloween at The Whole Caboodle

By admin 03 November 2014 Other news
Halloween at The Whole Caboodle

On Friday 31st October, Caboodle HQ came together as a team to take part in a competition transforming the building into a haunted house. The competition was quite simple; there would be a prize for the Best Costume and a prize for the Best Office. Given that our office building is anything but open-plan, there was a real chance here for each individual department to go all-out and make lots of 'spooktacularly' unique decorated offices!

Taking the opportunity to dress up for one of the most popular celebrations in the UK the team were busy getting their outfits ready for Halloween and getting their offices decorated on Thursday evening. Decorations included creepy crawlies, spider webs, masks, skeletons and fake blood, with each department doing their upmost to win the prestigious 'Best Office' title.

The costumes people chose to wear were...well...interesting to say the least! Shrek made an appearance, as did quite a few cats and even a blood-spattered mad surgeon. The winners were chosen by Managing Partner Chris late Friday afternoon once he had seen each office and costume.

So (drumroll please)...

The winner of Best Dressed was ... Nick Booth

Possibly taking Halloween just a little bit too seriously (but still being quite simply brilliant), our Creative supremo Nick Booth gave us a dead scary video which he created at home from the comfort of his chicken coop, dressed up as a nutty professor wielding a knife at the screen! As well as scaring all the chickens he had us all shaking in our chairs. Nick's prize was dinner for 2 at a restaurant of his choice – nice!

Now watch his video below (but be sure to keep the lights on!):

The winner of Best Office was …. Reception & Ground floor Account Management.

From the 'keep out' door decoration to a creepy hanging skull from the light this was overall the spookiest office in the haunted Caboodle house, and given the preparation they had done they definitely deserved first prize! The 5 members of the team, Claire, Darren, Tosh, Emma and Lauren, all won a free lunch of their choice, which could either be bacon butties, McDonalds or trusty fish and chips (nom nom).

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