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Eee By Gum! You Ain't Seen Owt Like It, Says Harrogate Agency

By admin 31 March 2017 Other news
Eee By Gum! You Ain't Seen Owt Like It, Says Harrogate Agency

The Whole Caboodle, a Harrogate based marketing company, has won the account for an innovative and unique release from a Yorkshire confectioner. If you haven't guessed from the title, this Yorkshire confectionery will be launching a brand new chewing gum that is (you guessed it) flavoured with Yorkshire Tea!

The aptly titled 'Eee By Gum!' will be hitting shops just in time for the Tour de Yorkshire at the end of April. It will be the first in a new 'Flavoured by Yorkshire' range that this confectionery will be launching. And, it just so happens that it is the Yorkshire based marketing company, The Whole Caboodle, who have been chosen to promote this brilliant new line. Match made in heaven? Well, they think so. Tushar Lad, Managing Partner said, "We're well excited! We've had a gander at the packaging and I've never seen 'owt like it. What else could be more impressive than whacking that out whilst courting a lass?!".

The Whole Caboodle is based in the heart of North Yorkshire and are always on the lookout for local business to promote. Landing the 'Flavoured by Yorkshire' account is a real feather to add to their hat, or should we say flat cap?

There will be many Yorkshire based promotions and prizes as part of the range, including activities such as the homemade Yorkshire pudding master classes and prizes will include 10% off vouchers for the Yorkshire Trading Company and Lightwater Valley. Claire Collins, Account Manager, was really happy to be part of this project, "I'll be packing that in my bait box, nothing better than a bit of chuddy after your dinner!".

April Fools! Yorkshire Gum tea flavoured

So, whats next? Well, following the release of Eee By Gum, this Yorkshire confectionery and the Whole Caboodle will be working on bringing out a whole host of Yorkshire Tea inspired creations. There has even been a hint at a tea flavoured Wensleydale Cheese, which will be developed in partnership with the one and only Sean Bean! As well as a Liquorice that is being co-created with Alan Titchmarsh.

To be released just in time for the Tour de Yorkshire on the 29th of April.

What would you like to see next in the 'Flavoured by Yorkshire' range? Tweet us your ideas @wholecaboodle using #EeeByGum