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Direct Mail is dead. Long live Direct Mail!

By MichelleFallon 10 August 2015 Advertising
Direct Mail is dead. Long live Direct Mail!

It's 2015. We're travelling by hoverboard, having our dinner served by a robot butler... and direct mail doesn't work.

Sorry to disappoint but none of these things are true. (Although the geniuses at Lexus have just revealed their new hoverboard!)

In the digital age, direct mail still has its place and in fact can be more effective than it ever has been.

Advancements in printing technology allow us to be much more targeted; a scattergun approach with ridiculously large print runs and equally ridiculously large bills are a thing of the past. Modern day, digital printing gives us the capability to really drum down in to data and deliver your customers a personal communication or offer that's bespoke to them.

That personal touch not only is appreciated by your customers but by your bottom line too.

With most unpleasant bills being sent electronically nowadays, people actually like getting mail! Something they can actually see and touch with quality premium paper, luxurious finishes, engaging design and evocative copy. Something they can stick to the fridge and refer to again and again. Something they can take to work or show their family and friends. Something that will stand out against the mountain of sales e-mails that land in their inbox every day only to be bulk-deleted. Something they may even shove in drawer and find again 6 months later, just when they need your product.

If you have something special to say, then say it in a special way. Your customers will appreciate it.

Ah, but what about the extortionate price of postage, I hear you cry! Admittedly the consumer does pay through the nose for a stamp, however this isn’t the case for businesses.

Firstly, there is a huge range of mail services, the Royal Mail isn't your only option. You can choose from UK Mail, TNT, One Post, the list goes on. And with choice comes value as these providers all want your business.

That said Royal Mail will always be my preferred supplier. Their customer service is second-to-none and you have added reassurance and accountability as they are responsible for the mail from collection right through to delivery. Royal Mail may be a little more expensive than their competitors but with the right data processing software, the cost of postage is cheaper than it was 25 YEARS AGO!

One of The Whole Caboodle's offerings is a unique online event product that has seen phenomenal success for a huge number of retailers. Communicated to both e-mail and direct mail databases, the results never fail to raise our eyebrows with more engagement always from the direct mail recipients.

E-mails are cheap, quick, targeted and a vital part of the marketing mix but never forget or underestimate the power of direct mail!

Now, how do I buy one of those hoverboard thingys....

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Claire Collins