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Designed, Built & Launched GSM London New Responsive Website

By admin 02 May 2017 Other news
Designed, Built & Launched GSM London New Responsive Website

GSM London’s homepage embraces responsive web design with the help of TWC's design team and our very own CMS system.

GSM is an independent school of Higher Education based in south-east London, they are a forerunner in the approach to a flexible learning system for students. Recently they have undergone an overhaul on their site, designed to maximise online presence and successfully compete with other HE (higher education) institutions. Web design agency, The Whole Caboodle (TWC) was chosen for this task, and they have successfully developed a homepage that stays in alignment with an active and responsive institute and is now live.

Sean Dyson, the Digital Director at The Whole Caboodle, highlights their fluid and versatile approach to the learning process as "filling a niche that a conventional university may not cater for", and, with this in mind TWC have strived to develop a system which ticks all the boxes where prospective students and competitors are concerned. This involved a major homepage redesign, including the introduction of an easy to use and easy to access Content Management System (CMS). This enabled GSM to have a very versatile and easy to manage site that was still "attention grabbing and hard working". The approach was to have an aesthetically pleasing, clean and smooth homepage with a highly responsive design that could be easily accessed and enjoyed across all platforms. The development of this relied heavily on the great collaboration between GSM and TWC whilst never forgetting their end goal. This professional union had firm roots which were established through earlier work on Course pages, having been impressed with the results, it made sense to bring the homepage into this Caboodle-esque style and to fully entrust them with the design.

GSM London Responsive Home Page

Responsive Home Page Design & Build

The team achieved this modern and fluid design through the use of elements such as greater utilisation of images and videos, subtle animation, the introduction of full screen takeovers, intuitive full width banners and ˜promo blocks'. The aim was, as Sean so aptly stated, "to bring the look and feel right up-to-date whilst maintaining the integrity of the page. Universities are highly competitive now, and are pushing the boat out. We need to make sure that GSM can stand out and have a presence".

iPad Responsive Design For GSM London

Looking to the future of GSM and TWC, it's definitely just a snippet of their collaborative journey together. TWC's Digital Director speaks for the company as a whole when he says "we would like to go further, we are always looking for new insight and to move into the future with them. It's such a pleasure to work with a client that can so easily collaborate with a high level of expertise". The smoothness and ease in which the companies have worked with is reflected in the end result, the homepage speaks a thousand words where this culmination of minds is concerned. An efficient, effortless and progressive solution in a demanding digital era.

Home Page Redesign And Responsive: GSM London