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    By Michelle Fallon 16 September 2015 Creative
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    Finding creative inspiration is sometimes easy, but it can also be frustratingly hard. A piece of work will be more than simply just a pre-conceived style - it will be the result of many questions and thought processes.

    So as well as keeping on top of general design trends and technologies, the Caboodle studio looks to a wide range of sources for a point of reference...

    We'll take a quick look at some of the things the Creative team have been absorbing this month:

    A Trip to Dismaland

    We've long been fans of the mysterious entity known as 'Banksy' who is much more than just a street artist. His work contains a mix of thought provoking cultural dialogue and dark humour.

    Creation by Scott Hove - Snarling Animal

    So when it was announced that his latest project was a satirical take on the modern theme park, we prepared ourselves for that other truly modern phenomena... the online ticket booking system.

    After several website crashes (intentional and unintentional) and melt-downs, the tickets arrived and the road-trip to Weston-super-Mare was on.

    From the moment you enter Dismaland, through a security office made entirely from cardboard and the attention to detail is incredible. From the miserable stewards donning pink vests and mouse ears, to the derelict Disney castle; all the more impressive for its crumbling and haunted appearance.

    There is plenty of thought-provoking stuff on show; but venture beyond the more obvious shock tactic pieces, like the dying Cinderella hanging out of her crashed carriage being relentlessly hounded by a multitude of paparazzi, and you will find that there are some real gems. And the unusual standout for us was a collection of baked creations by Scott Hove which included snarling animal mouths apparently made from cake icing! Odd? Yes, very, but the idea of something so sinister intermixed with something so delicate and none threatening gives you a feeling of being so unsafe in a place where you’d most expect to be happy and secure. This to us summed up the message of Dismaland.

    Pablo Carpio

    Concept artist and illustrator Pablo Carpio has a unique mix of industrial design style and sweeping natural landscapes. His work evokes a depth of atmosphere which most certainly invites a second look...

    The automotive art of Jelle Claeys

    A refreshing change from the endless glossy photography of brand new motors - artist Jelle Claeys gives vehicles a sense of real character with his earthy and dynamic illustrative style...

    Cultivated Mind

    With graffiti art still fresh in our minds, type foundry Cultivated Mind produce a range of fantastic hand drawn and grunge style fonts - as sometimes a piece of work needs an injection of the imperfect to bring it to life.

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