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Caboodling Our Way Through The Motor Industry

By Phoebe Lord 21 May 2020 Other news
Caboodling Our Way Through The Motor Industry

Our very own Karl Rahmani was recently interviewed by Car Dealer Magazine, along with M.D Tony Denton from Batchelors Motor Group, all in light of our brilliant new Artificial Intelligent websites that we have been building for our clients. What makes the launch of the new Batchelors website so special is that it is our first multi-franchise site! Batchelors Motor Group is home to Suzuki and Mitsubishi, based in Ripon and York, and now also home to an integrated website for both brands.

By using our brand new software CaboodleCode, we are able to make the journey for the customer completely seamless - from the first visit to the website, right the way through to buying your car! You have a tailored experience, unique to anyone else’ in the world. It sounds impressive, right? Well, that's because it is.

This has never been done before. This clever software delivers tailored content to each visitor, learns who is on your website by name, sees all activity online in real time and increase conversion rates. What we mean by this is if you visited the site and found a Suzuki Swift on the Batchelors website, it would tailor the content on the site to be everything Suzuki related.

As Tony states in the interview, within the first few days of their new machine learning website being live, it helped Batchelors sell 20 cars to customers completely online. He acknowledged that in 2 and a half years on an e-commerce website that they had never made this many sales. AI and machine learning is a solution to the ever changing climate and technologically advanced age we are entering.

Well, why do we like it so much? Does the above not state it! CaboodleCode is a state of the art software, which enables us to build the most sophisticated websites for our clients. It’s the hardest working website ever devised – it’s open 24-7 and is the future of online car retailing.

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