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User-friendly, intelligent stock management system. Want to know more?

Want to know more?
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Here at The Whole Caboodle, we know what dealerships want when it comes to their stock. That’s why we’ve developed our intelligent and user-friendly stock management system.

We designed this product with dealerships in mind. Our aim was to create an easy-to-use software which reduces the time taken to upload a car dealers stock. Integration with CAP allows our platform to look-up the registration of your vehicles and in-turn the system pre-populates as much detailed information as possible. All the dealerships have to do is fill in the gaps and upload images.

Simple, right?

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What’s more, we don't just offer a used stock feed with our platform. We've developed our stock feed management system to integrate with your physical new car stock. This allows car dealers to now showcase their new stock online as well. Display new stock in list form and let your customer buy a brand new car or van for immediate delivery directly on your website. This has opened up a whole new income stream for many of our clients.

Our stock feed management system has some clever features; for example, once a car has sold it's stored in our archives for 3 months. We know on the odd occasion a sale doesn't go through so we've added a quick and easy way to reinstate your vehicle to be live on your website, all with a click of a button.

Is your dealership spending £1,000s on feeds? The Whole Caboodle knows the importance of 3rd party portals to a dealer’s business. This is why we don’t charge dealers for sending feeds to third party providers. All we ask is for a dealer to pay a one-time setup fee for their feeds and we’ll do the rest. We’ll arrange daily feeds to seamlessly run to any third party portal, at a time of your choice, as often as you require. Our stock management system currently supports feeds to AutoTrader, Motors, eBayHeyCar and many more. We’re happy to work with you and your chosen third party portals to allow your vehicle stock to be seen online.

3rd party portal we feed out too

We are making marketing easier for dealers.

We've also developed our system to feed your new and used stock to Facebook and Google. Meaning your chosen automotive marketing agency can run dynamic ads easily.

In addition, we provide tracking analytics for all cars, allowing dealerships to see the performance of their stock. We track the most viewed cars, best-converting cars and we provide filters to give you hints on when cars should be reduced in price.

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