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  • A new era of automotive websites has arrived

    Your website is your busiest dealership, so why not build one that works harder and does most the thinking for you. Delivering tailored content to each visitor which means more relevance and better conversions.

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  • The need for change.

    Google Algorithm changes has brought a significant bias towards speed and a mobile-first philosophy, and if you get it right this will have major ranking benefits. This means user experience & simplicity are not just important, but essential. Our new breed of websites load significantly faster than current sites too.

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Nobody clicks on banners

What? It’s true, on average less than 0.5% of visitors to your desktop site click on the banners, hard to take isn’t it? And when you consider the time they take to produce and manage, the question is are they worth it? Also people want instant used car results, they often hit search then filter later (less than 1% use monthly payment search on home pages). People rarely scroll past halfway on your home page and only 1% make it to the bottom - which probably means you’re saying too much, too soon and too loud.

We have a solution that will offer tailored and relevant content to all.

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  • Is anybody else doing this right now?

    YES. Many big brands do this by offering their visitors a more bespoke and tailored experience. With recent advancements in technologies this is now more affordable and available to motor dealers like you.

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  • So what’s on the table?

    • Intelligent CMS based on Machine Learning principles
    • Content tailored to individual visitors
    • Assisted search, free text and voice search
    • Detailed individual tracking of each visitor
    • Integrated Intelligent Messaging
    • The heavy lifting in your comms strategy taken care of
    • Data warehousing
    • ML analysis with Caboodle Insight Hub
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  • What does all this give you?

    • An intelligent platform which understands your customers and tailors their experience
    • Integrated messaging which reinforces the tailored web experience
    • New ways to search including assisted search and voice search
    • Machine Learning insights which find the patterns and the value in your data
    • A platform which does more with less intervention
    • A lightening quick website that converts at much better rates
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If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.

Henry Ford

Enquire today and see how new technology can make your website work harder.